Vonage came on board pretty quickly, and the lead designer and I were tasked with creating two full 6-10 page sites in a month (vonagedeals.com & phone.vonage.com). Yikes!

Having little knowledge of the service aside from the TV commercials, we got to work understanding the value of Vonage, reviewing key benefits and USPs. During research, I came to realize the market challenge was actually twofold, and the sites would have to both:

  1. Educate people on what Vonage is (no, it’s not an Internet provider).
  2. Showcase the value of Vonage as a home phone provider and drive sales.

The end result was a success with solid sales performance and higher call volume than Vonage had ever had.

Here you will see a few pages plucked from the two Vonage sites I wrote, as well as a page from the small business site I wrote later down the road. Though Vonage has since changed it’s consumer approach and it’s sites, this was a fun one to work on.

June 2014